THE FURNITURE SURGEON   &   THE CHAIR DOCTOR        Since 2000 -  "Operations For Antiques & Fine Home Furnishings"
-Furniture Surgeon-    
"Operations For     Antiques & Fine Home   Furnishings"
-Chair Doctor-
"First-Aid For Loose & Broken Chairs"           
                                           By:Michael W. Hawkins (Since:2000)

We are two full-service furniture repair/restoration companies founded in 2000 by Michael W. Hawkins, who has more than 25 years experience repairing furniture.  Our goal is to not only help you with all your furniture repair needs, but to make the process easy and enjoyable. 

Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity.  Previous repairs have ranged from the basic re-glue of a kitchen chair, stripping & refinishing antiques, and repairing a butcher block counter top in someone's home. 

We can help with all of your repair needs whether they be common household pieces or treasured heirlooms.  The secret to our success is the use of a 50/50 6000 pound resin epoxy on all repairs.  

In the last 15 years, the furniture industry has shifted to mass production & no longer utilizes only glue and jointed furniture. It has become common place for furniture makers to use Nails, Screws, Metal Brackets, Barrel Lock Joints & Bolts are just some of the bad ways today's furniture is crafted.
We can modify that piece of furniture and make it last many more years! We have 15 years of business in modification of joints to strengthen the typical joints in furniture today.


Unfortunately, we have become a throw away society. The majority of people would rather replace,give away,sell,"hand me down" to friends and family. The older, better built pieces, is what needs to be revived and used.(Before it ends up in the land fills of the world!) rather than go out and buy new have them repaired & restored to there well crafted glory!

I welcome you to put an Antique piece of furniture up against any modern piece. Shop around in your local furniture store and tell me what you see under the hood if they have not hidden it from you by material or fast talking salesmen to give you a deal?

Last And final note:
99% of any furniture you buy today will never become an Antique!!!
Even if it is 50 plus years old? (Which I doubt any modern pieces manufactured today would even come close to that Golden 50 year mark!)
Your Great Grandparents,Grandparents & Parents furniture will always be Antiques and always raising in value by the decade!

If you respect the older craftsmanship utilized to construct furniture as I do, please give me a call for a consultation & price estimate of your repair needs.If you have some more modern designs,give me a call too. We can fix all types of furniture. Wood,Formica,Veneer,Plastic(Resin Composite Molded Furniture) & Metal Furniture Too!

Michael W. Hawkins (Owner)
Hours:  By: Appointment Only.

Please Note: Best time to call? After hours between 6-9 p.m. Thanks. I am very busy restoring & repairing furniture. If I answered the phone all day long? Some furniture might get glued up wrong?

mid/late 1940's restored butchers block. (618) 416-0149 (Shop)
(618) 978-1236 (Mobile)
(314) 645-0500 
(St. Louis,MO. Line)

Mid/Late 1940's Butcher Block Table Original top & new cut & resurfaced top. Legs needed rotten wood cut out & heavy duty wheels installed to move around with ease. The removal of 50 plus years of chopping created an extreme dip in the cutting surface. After removal with a chainsaw. resurfaced with electric planner & sanded to fine finish.Treated multiple times with natural butchers block oil & buffed to super fine touch. A story behind this butcher block restoration. Ask me about it. Love to tell the stories behind these restorations. More photos of my restorations to be added later. A full page of before & after projects over the last 18 years. I have thousands of photos to go through. It's going to take awhile. Some projects have very touching & tear jerking stories behind them. I would like to share them with the photos. Just putting the before & after photos up without the memories behind the restoration or repair is boring. Be prepared for some uplifting stories. Thank you, Michael.

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